Video Games Events

I have attended many video game events over the years, some in cosplay, some as me. Please note my best advice is wear very comfy shoes, there are not many places to sit at some of these events and you will be walking or standing for most of the time, either queueing or going through crowds. Also plan your day as much as you can especially if meeting your favourite stars as queuing can be very time consuming and pre-order tickets where possible. Click the headings for links to the websites.

I have attended this many times. This is brilliant for fans of comics, anime, video games, photos/ posters and new artists. If you cannot go, they will not give a refund or transfer on e-ticket. There are a few guests and a little bit of cosplay (official competition/ display as opposed to informal), but a perfect opportunity to showcase your cosplay outfit. Normally held at the Excel Centre.

I have been to Hyper Japan 3 times; once where it was held at Earls Court, and the other two at London's O2 Arena. It is a great idea to get priority tickets otherwise you will have a long wait time. Nintendo often make a huge presence there (my main reason for going) Plus there is a lot of Japanese related items including food to buy and try. Cosplay is quite big too, with stalls and events on. 

This is the ultimate meet the stars of TV and film. There are others around the country but this is the only one I have been to. There are quite a few merchants as well as queuing to have your photo or get an autograph from your favourite star (prices vary, some stars also have a special background e.g. having a picture with one of the Doctors inside the TARDIS, or with the Game of Thrones chair, which also bumps up the price) so my advice is to monitor the message board for up to date times, and pre-order the photo shoots. Plan your day in advance and turn up early. Photoshoots have been known to change location and times on the day! This is now being held at Kenningston Olympia.


This has not been running the last few years, but it used to be held at Milton Keynes Stadium and was a free entry event with free parking too. Ideal if you wanted to meet stars of TV, film and sport worlds for their autograph and photo. Also good for shopping for video games, comics, anime, graphic novels, manga and other related goods. Although fit comes back in 2017 where it will be held in Birmingham National Exhibition Centre (NEC arena) for the first time and people will have to pay to get in.n

This covers all aspects of video game music, combining the symphony music with modern styles of music created by a full orchestra and choir. All of the music is accompanied by customised video clips of the games, and often the composers may guest star in certain segments. The creator, Tommy Tallarico encourages video recording and sharing via social media. This is a definite must see for any video game fan- you can cosplay if you like, but no "weapons", audience participation is highly encouraged. You can buy a lot of the tracks on the albums, merchandise, and even DVDs/ Blu-rays of performances.

Created by Nintendo and Jason Michael Paul Entertainment Inc. This started with the 25th Anniversary special at the HMV Apollo in London, and continued to grow until it became a world tour by the time the Legend of Zelda celebrated its 30th anniversary. Some people do cosplay although sadly no official photos of it. Nintendo need to release these on DVD. However these are often bundled with games- Skyward Sword had a CD with select tracks from the 25th Anniversary Symphony, and more recently on My Nintendo, the video recording of three tracks from the latest symphony were available as part of the 30th anniversary celebrations. Similar to Video Games Live where there is a live orchestra and customisted videos on a big screen celebrating Nintendo's masterpiece.

Created by "King" Rob Sedgebeer and comedian Steve McNeill. This clever show allows the audience to play games via their smartphones and tablets. The popular video game comedy show on freeview channel DAVE and tv app UKPLAY Dara O'Briain's Go 8-Bit is based on this where Steve McNeil's comedy partner Sam Pamphilion is the other team captain where two other players play a variety of video games (quite a few are retro hence the 8 Bit name) in 5 rounds where the points are decided by the audience, who vote for whom they think will win the challenge. The biggest percentage transforms into the points. This is a definite thing to see/ watch. I want them on DVD so I can watch them always to enjoy laughing and video games. If you cannot see a live show of Wi-Fi Wars/ Video Game Game Show Show then definitely join in on their live streams on Twitch . Nothing is installed on your phone this is actually being beamed to you through the Wi-Fi or data plan.