My Graphics Portfolio

Most of the work you will see here has been created for my HND Graphic Design course. I am a print based Graphic Designer, but am willing to learn new aspects of Graphic Design including web based design. A few of the these designs were created for charity days at Ashford Bowls Club.

I have also created a few training guides (pdf format) that are available upon request. These were requested via the company I worked for at the time, so the cover sheet will be removed to preserve the company's privacy.

These pictures are here as digital representations only, the real pieces are printed on A4 (unless specified). I appreciate any feedback or advice given.

BBC Corporate Identity Timeline Poster
The BBC poster was based on the BBC logo with old logos forming a mosaic background. It is a very simple design but gets the message across. The font for the BBC in the tiles is as close to the real font as I could manage and used transparency, embossing, and drop shadow tools to create the 3D effect.

Crayon, Photoshop mosaic
Acrylic Paint mixed with brush 

Candle wax, Photoshop colourised
The captions are how the abstract art was created. The book jackets are based on the Arden Shakespeare series (academic series), with an edited series summary  and my own play plot summary. The brief was to have abstract art on the cover of 3 pieces of work by the same author. My art represented the themes of the plays (see below). The ISBN number, barcode, logos are all genuine. These were printed on A4 glossy paper.
Play themes:
Twelfth Night; comedy, romance and confusion
Hamlet; tragedy, confusion, depression
Much Ado About Nothing; comedy, romance

Layout for the Farrow and Ball Star Trek Paint Swatch booklet.
The bottom pages are the reverse of the top and is folded concertina style
The swatch was a mixture of real paint swatches and digital manipulation. I chose Star Trek because I am a fan of the TV series. I had other ideas; Disney Princess, Moods/emotions, Harry Potter but I thought this would be a bit different. I do have plans to make up the other ideas to add to my printed portfolio. I chose the Star Trek Insignia for the swatch shape as they are easily recognisable as Star Trek and makes the design more interesting. The layout is resembling a Star Trek PADD- like an i-Pad. On the cover page, the large dots are the planets of paint colours and the small white dots are stars. This was printed on metallic silver card and folded.

A5 Promo Flyer
This was a promotional flyer created for the manager of PTS Hayes, Middlesex, a plumbing/ kitchen shop. The picture is from one of their catalogues and I liked the blue and white contrast with the blue stripe as the background. This was printed on glossy paper. Unfortunately it was never used as the shop closed shortly afterwards.

WR Sports logo

This is a logo I designed for WR Sports who comprise of Ashford Bowls Club, Ashford Lawn Tennis Club and Ashford Table Tennis Club. There are also unofficial Pool and Darts teams. Their original logo needed updating and enlarging. I wanted to capture each sport on its background, and have had a very positive response to this.

Ashford Bowls Club Charity Certificate 
The logo at the top is a replica of the route the four walkers took along the river Thames in July 2009 for the White Lodge Centre in Chertsey, Surrey. I also was commissioned to create "fun" certificates, sponsor forms and posters of the event, as well as creating the official Ashford Bowls Club letterhead. This certificate was given out on "President's Day"- an charity raising day in the Lawn Bowls calendar.

Front View Chinese Menu
Back View Chinese Menu

We were asked to create a menu from a mid-range cuisine for a fictitious restaurant. I chose Chinese and used wooden dowel rods to create the scroll effect. This is printed double sided on A3 marble card. The characters actually mean Jade Dragon in Chinese, and the yellow corner borders were inspired by Ken Hom's Yellow River Restaurant in Staines, Middlesex (no longer there). The dragon forms both the J and the D for the title.