A to Z Video Games Book Extract

I put my book separate to my graphics portfolio because this relates directly to what I would like to do; become a writer in the video games business. I had such a positive response to the book at video game events that I decided to update it.

Surprisingly no one had considered video games before. As I was a girl gamer with over 20 years video game experience and interest in the subject as well an AS Level and GCSE in Business Studies and Economics, I thought I could combine all of that in the book. As a result there are elements not only from a girl gamer and a graphic designer point of view, but from a business element too. There was so much more I could of put in, but I had to stop somewhere as it had trebled the word count (excluding the quotes).

The book covers not just video games from a graphic designer's point of view, but the aspects of video gaming; packaging design, console and controller design and evolution, game franchises (and to some extent merchandising), marketing, genres, game target audience, and retro gaming. It didn't include PC/ online or mobile gaming as the focus was on console gaming and its history, although they were briefly mentioned. I also gave my predictions for the future, and showed a little bit how the different platforms (consoles) affected the same game. Some key games were also explored in more detail. 

These are screenshots from the PDF of my 2011 book.
Front and Back Cover
Intro and Table of Contents
Extract: Letter C

Extract: Letter L
Extract: Letter V
Extract: Letter Z
I hope this gives you an idea of what the printed book looks like. Now the course is finished, I am updating it onto ebook format (or possibly an app, to make use of my app design course) as I am no longer restricted to a word limit (was supposed to be 3,500 words, mine totally smashed this at 10,701 words excluding quotes- and still the lecturer wanted more!) and I am not hindered by print restrictions (or colour palette), and the e- format will make it easier for future updates.