9 Aug 2018

UPDATING in progress

Hello Everyone,

I have recently started streaming on Twitch and as such have decided to give my blog a much needed overall, so I can include new information about the games I am reviewing.

I wanted to include some background information and interesting facts about the games I am playing  which I will include in both video and written reviews. I will link the YouTube and Twitch videos of my stream to my own written review on here. For anyone who interested I am using a iPad and a MacBookPro to stream at the moment.

I am currently in the process of rewriting my previous video games reviews to tie in with my streams and to add some more interesting facts about the games. 

My goal for Twitch/ Youtube is to play and review my video game collection (as seen in my screenshot from my Player Introduction stream) and reduce it!- excludes my virtual console games though! 

My streams will be at least twice a week on Wednesday's at 7PM and Saturday's at 8PM (GMT time zone), baring any personal side quests that may occur, in which the stream will be rescheduled or a pre-recorded video will be done. I may do some extra streams for longer games exclusively, so please give me a follow on Twitch or Twitter to keep up to date.