20 Mar 2013

Wario Blast featuring Bomberman

North American Box Art
Platform: Nintendo Gameboy
Publisher: Nintendo / Hudson Soft
Date Released: 1995

Wario Blast featuring Bomberman is an adaptation of the classic Bomberman game. So if you are familiar with Bomberman games, there will be very little to surprise you here. This game was my introduction to Bomberman, and was the third game I brought for my classic Gameboy (The first two was Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening and SuperMarioLand 2: 6 Golden Coins)

The story is Wario has come to steal treasure from the land of the Bombermen, and the player can choose to be the attacker (Wario) or the defender (Bomberman).

Level 1 Boss screenshot
There are 8 Levels with 4 sub levels. The first 3 are you vs the opposing character in one, two or three characters to kill before the time is up. Its best of three battles and its a replay if its a draw. At the end of the first 5 Boss battles, you receive a permanent power up: Kicks, Dashin', Trouncer (used with dash to temporaily disable the opponent against a wall), Liner (bombs in a line) Moto (on a motorbike able to jump fences).

On the Super Gameboy (SNES), or Gameboy Player (Gamecube). This game looks amazing in colour, on the big screen and a multi player option was available (according to Wikipedia). If Nintendo remade this game, then turning it into colour and having a multi player option would be cool selling points.

Personally I enjoyed playing as a Bomberman, and with the help of 4 digit passwords, the player could access their progress without having to restart the game from scratch.

In my opinion, this game should be made available on the 3DS Virtual Console, as its a little gem of a game.