11 Nov 2012

Super Princess Peach

Year released: DS 2006
Publisher: Nintendo

It's a crazy idea, but the damsel in distress becomes the hero! Super Princess Peach is like the Super Mario series in that it’s a platformer and is bright and colourful. However, while clearly being marketed for girls, it has had mixed reviews.

Here is the storyline. Bowser is fed up of losing against brothers Mario and Luigi, and has managed to capture them and Toads (mushroom people) on Vibe Island. Its up to Princess Peach and mysterious talking umbrella Perry to rescue them. What is great about this game is that if you are familiar with Super Mario games, you will recognise the characters, scenario/ levels, enemies and 'quests'. This is quite a short game, but it was designed that way as its target audience (4 and above) generally have a short attention span.

It's good to cry (Gloom Vibe)
Vibe Island is a land of emotion aka vibes. Peach has 4 to choose from: calm (green), this is a healing vibe, and heals hearts, Joy (yellow), Peach can float and becomes a cyclone, gloom (blue) crying makes things grow, gives a speed boost and Rage (red), useful for burning bridges and enemies as well ground pounding. Perry the umbrella is also used like a Swiss Army knife; he becomes a submarine, a floating device, a destroyer of enemies and blocks (hit them) and swallow enemies to refill the Vibe gauge.
Hell Hath No Fury...

Minigames use the stylus and microphone. But the main game is 60% D-pad controlled, with the 4 vibes in the shape of hearts on the touch screen (40% stylus), and a picture of Peach who reacts to events. Help is also given via Perry blocks (square block with Perry's face on) that when hit by Perry gives a helpful hint about gameplay or instructions. Likewise new abilities give a brief overview on how to use them and these likewise are very simple to do.