10 Nov 2012

Bomberman Land Touch! DS

Year released: DS 2007
Publisher: Rising Star Games/ Hudson

This puzzle/ action game expands on the Bomberman universe to include new characters, scenarios and lots of mini games within a story! There are a few different modes; Attraction Mode where you can replay all of the attractions you have cleared, Story Mode, Battle House (play against up to 5 players via Wi-Fi in the attractions), and classic Bomberman- which you can use Wi-Fi to connect to up to 7 other players. There is also another surprise when you have completed the game!

Protagonist Cheerful White and his five friends; Kid Blue, Bookworm Green, Cool Black, Cute Pink (the girl) and Giant Gold are on Bomber Island, a new cool amusement park with 5 themed zones; Castle, Club, Heart, Diamond and Spade to be explored and different items to collect in your quest to be the new Pirate King. Each of the zones have 25 zone pieces, coin tokens, 1 zone stamp, 1 treasure stamp and 1 Boss Stamp to collect. Cheerful White will also play against each of his friends in each of the 4 card suit zones to win a Rival Stamp. Each completed Stamp set is worth a zone piece from the Info Booth (warp points). The Info Booths are also used as places to exchange your tokens for specialised bombs (normal mode) or characters (hard mode).
One of the "Attractions"
The DS touch screen and microphone are used, but favours the touch screen more in this game. You use the stylus to move Cheerful White around and interact with objects. Mini games were becoming quite popular at this time, but this is one of my favourites. The graphics are bright and colourful, the in game help is useful in the form of emails which are quite easy to read. There are two difficulty levels- normal and hard (this only appears when the normal mode has been completed), and within each mode are two chances to play the games- the first to clear it (if you fail, you can use a gold token to reduce the requirement) and the second to win a gold coin token beating a higher score/ time.

In game help is provided on Normal Mode via the Bombpad and emails. On the Hard mode, the help hints are taken away. Any challenges from your rivals, and the Zone Boss, come from the emails. You can also keep track on what stamps you have, and what equipment (headwear, clothes and bombs) are currently equipped, as well as saving. The graphics are bright and colourful, what you expect from a game aimed at 5 upwards. But its definitely challenging for adults too with its variety of puzzles that make you think.

I'm generally not a fan of mini games, but I made an exception for this game and its DS sequel because they were so fun to play with a story and characters that made me smile. It probably does help that I am a huge fan of the Bomberman series. I definitely recommend this game, its one of those hidden gems, and the sequel (Bomberman Land Touch! 2) is even better!