10 Nov 2012

Bomberman Land Touch 2 DS

Bomberman Land Touch 2
European Cover
Year Released: 2008
Publisher: Hudson/ Rising Star Games
Platform: DS

This is similar to the first game, in that protagonist Cheerful White and his friends Cute Pink, Cool Black, Kid Blue, Bookworm Green and Giant Gold are on their way to the latest amusement park Bom-Bom Kingdom where the magical Star Bomber and new character Aqua the Acrobat live. However in this sequel, there is an evil magician called Evil Bomber too and more story based action with more bombs and two routes through the game depending on which girl you help the most; Cute Pink or Aqua.

The mini games are called attractions, and there are a few from the first game such Bomb Tunes, Don't Fall, Sink or Swim and Bomb Factory, but there are many new ones such as Dicey Ice, Off the Rails, Got the Moves, Think Tank (which is the hardest game for me). Like before the first time you play an attraction you win the zone piece, and the second time you win a token, which can be spent on items and special event tickets (a new feature of the game). Special Events include: a fishing game, boat ride, a dance show, soccer and basketball games, sumo wrestling, and a railcart ride. There are also the Bomber Houses where Cheerful White can get a Boss piece once he has defeated a zone boss.

There are more pieces to collect in Bomberman Land Touch 2 and more bombs and quirky outfits to use including a snake charmer which allows Cheerful White to reach new heights, a soccer bomb, a basketball bomb, as well as favourites water bomb, ordinary bomb. New outfits include dressing up as Star Bomber and Evil Bomber, and new accessories to help Cheerful White access new areas including keys, a rubber ring, and a ninja throwing star and a magic broom.

There are more characters to interact with including a Zorro type bomber called Thief Bomber, Ninja Bomber, a Indiana Jones type bomber, the Zone bosses who have their own special areas within their zone- a cowgirl called Queen in a circus tent, a giant in armour called Ace who lives in the Sunny Tower, Star Bomber in his Castle within Star Zone, Evil Bomber in his Evil Palace in Earth Zone, and Jack with his steed a rocking horse in Star Zone. Helping the player with a hint is 3 wise fortunetellers located in Sunny, Star and Moon zones.  

Mini Game: Soccer Strike!
Like before the Info Booths are used as Warp Points, as well as places to exchange tokens for various items/ events vouchers. At one point in the game, the attractions and the warp booths become unavailable until certain tasks have been completed.

For me this is the better of the two games, as its longer and there are more variety of games that use different skills- memory, timing, observation skills (You're the One), and learning is fun with counting games, colour based games (Reel 'Em In, Bomb Factory), stylus control (Pogo Jumper, Raft Swing, Don't Fall), memory (Dare to Compare, Draw the Line) , and breath control (Smooth Sailing, Carpet Ride).